For patients seeking braces or bracket placements, we utilize a special application process called indirect dental bonding. This method provides more precision and comfort during the placement of your braces and guarantees highly successful results. We recommend indirect bonding because unlike a traditional placement, you will not need to hold your mouth open for long periods of time while we place the braces over your teeth.

Our indirect dental bonding in Tulsa, Oklahoma, involves making an impression of your teeth during your first appointment with us. From there, we will use the impression to align the braces in-office between your visits and have them ready for you when you return. Once the braces are finished, we apply them to special trays that can be easily and quickly placed over the patient’s tooth. This lab work is done overnight to save you time during your appointment and give your braces a more accurate placement.

Our indirect bonding process can be provided for you at a more affordable cost than other local practices. Dr. Mark Andregg will examine your teeth to determine whether indirect bonding is the best option for you. Call us today at 918-296-3006 to learn more and schedule an appointment with our orthodontist.